Artificial Grass Products

Please view some of our products below.


Our economic choice, but still with the full and natural Royal Grass look. 25mm tall grass fibers. Fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.


A nice and soft playing surface for children in a beautiful olive green colour. 35 mm high and fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.


Consists of 3 shades of green, 36 mm in length. Olive green with a full and dense look. Fitted with supporting rootzone, V-shape and MiNT.


Our 100% cradle-to-cradle quality. EcoSense can fully be reused to produce new artificial lawn. 40 mm high, fitted with mossy wire, V-shape and MiNT.


A full grassy density with a length of 37mm with an intense green colour. The sand filling makes it fire retardant. Fitted with V-shape and MiNT.


Made in the most popular olive and summer green colours. The thick root zone, or synthetic moss layer, is a combination of earthy brown and dark green.


Royal Grass Seda is a grass carpet with a 30mm high grass fiber. The fibers are soft and flexible because of the slightly higher fiber.


Sense is beautiful, soft and lifelike with a voluminous appearance. Every fibre of grass curls in its own way. You won’t notice this isn’t natural grass.


The powerhouse in our range. Elegantly ‘muscular’ and exceptionally strong at the same time. Fitted with supporting rootzone, V-shape and MiNT.


Royal Grass Urban has an even olive green colour. It’s a sand filled type of artificial grass, which means that the turf has to be provided with a layer of brown coloured sand.


Wave is our youngest Royal Grass family member with a beautiful, soft and lifelike quality. There’s no other turf as nice and frizzy as Royal Grass Wave.


True luxury, our tallest quality: a whopping 65 mm! Thick and soft as never before. Fitted with mossy wire, V-shape and MiNT.


Royal Grass XPlay offers the best economic choice for playgrass: a year-round green feeling and the benefits of artificial grass for a low cost price.